Finally sharing what we've been loving since Wynne was born! I have a handful of favorited items that are used daily, and have been such a huge help in adjusting to our new normal. From a non-diaper bag that easily carries *gasp!* you guessed it, diapers, to my favorite ways to carry and bounce baby.

These are the top things I'm loving this fourth trimester with baby #2:

1 | Baby Bjorn BouncerThis bouncer was something new that we purchased with Wynne, and honestly I would have likely overlooked it again had I not scored it on major sale at buy buy Baby for 30 BUCKS because the box had been previously opened. (You can scour BBB's clearance section to get some awesome deals!) After the past 10 weeks, I can say it's well worth an investment, as it has been our most-used baby gear item. It's lightweight, allowing us to easily move it from room-to-room throughout the day, so I can cook, take the occasional shower, drink my morning coffee, etc. It's truly been a lifesaver.

2 | Goumikids Sleepers - The coziest, softest organic sleepers with an easy, no fuss concept. Their wearable pieces come with integrated mitts to prevent face scratching while also stimulating baby brain & eye development with high contrast patterns. We're huge fans of their jamms gowns and easy to slip on booties. And the bundle packs come with a convenient laundry bag to protect during washing. Bonus, the brand gives 10% of their total profits back to the global community through various charities, so that's something worth standing behind & supporting.


3 | Max + Moose Blankets - Like your favorite worn-in tee shirt, these are the softest baby blankets I have ever seen. Perfect for snuggling baby, but allowing breathability so baby doesn't get too hot.

4 | Snuggle Me Organic - We love this organic lounger due to its "hugging sensation" for baby. Literally, it's like a cloud that calms baby and safely wedges them into place. We use it for co-sleeping and lounging, and won't ever travel without it. The cover is super easy to remove for washing, and the protective puddle pad saves you from any accidents.


5 | Hatch Baby Rest - This innovative nightlight and sound machine combo has been used daily in our bedroom, where baby currently sleeps. It comes with a variety of different calming light and sound options and best of all, can be completely controlled by your phone through their app. Also, the light has a time-to-rise feature, which is great for toddlers going through a crib-to-bed transition. (we plan to add a second one for Faire's room soon!)

6 | Tummy Rub - One of my favorite brands for natural skincare products (I shared my love for them during pregnancy here). Their tummy rub is packed full of only the good stuff, with essential oils that naturally calm & soothe baby after feedings. Wynne was recently diagnosed with silent reflux, and although we have had to prescribe her medication to help it, I've loved having a natural product to help comfort her, too.


7 | Haakaa Breast Pump This silicone gadget has been a serious milk saver for me and I've been recommending it to all of my pregnant and new mama friends. It simply attaches to the opposite side that baby feeds and collects the milk by suction - no pumping required. Such a genius design, and I've already got a full stash of frozen milk going because of it. Make sure to buy the one with the suction base to prevent any accidental spillage!

8 | Carseat & Nursing Cover - Now with two kiddos, we find ourselves out and about much more often. From preschool drop-offs and pick-ups, to doctor appointments and grocery store runs, I'm always toting baby in and out of the car. With the weather still cool and flu season still going strong, I always try and keep the carseat covered protecting baby. And nursing in public has never been easier or more discreet. Covered Goods is still my go-to brand for price point and color options.

9 | Solly Baby Wrap - My favorite go-to wrap for the fourth trimester. I'd be lying if I said most of Wynne's day naps don't happen when I'm holding her, so thankfully she is a huge fan of babywearing. Having both hands free has been crucial in allowing me to still interact/play with Faire and get the never-ending laundry taken care of.


10 | Baggu Backpack - I'm loving these simple, lightweight backpacks that are machine-washable and don't have fussy zippers. I find myself overpacking too much stuff with my larger diaper bags, which added weight and extra time when trying to find things. Now, I only carry around the necessities - diapers, a small pack of wipes, wallet, a few snacks for Faire, and the pockets on the sides fit a water cup & my phone perfectly. And they're less than 50 bucks!

Friends, would love to hear your favorite fourth trimester faves or what you loved with your second baby!



So excited to finally share our first photos as a family of 4! Hard to believe Wynne was only 6 weeks old when we shot these, and now we're coming up on her THREE MONTHS since birth. It's so true what they say, the time just flies with your second baby. Although January feels like forever ago and it seems Wynne has been here all along. Our sweet little Georgia peach. She's much rounder, blonder, and eyes bluer than Faire, and is so loved by us all. Especially her big sister.

My friend and new mama Morgan Blake (our babies are a week apart!) came over to to our home to capture these little moments together. My baby girls are growing like weeds and it fills my heart to have these memories that will last forever. Also, I'm wearing the caftan by Storq - the perfect transitional dress from maternity to postpartum, with buttons that make nursing a breeze - and stay tuned for a full nursery reveal post coming soon!


Bed + Crib Bedding / Parachute
Crib / Babyletto
Baby Blankets / WillabyMax + Moose
Wynne's Outfit / Zara Kids
Faire's Outfit / Gap Kids (on sale!)
Girls' Bows: Wunderkin


So it's been a while since I showed this blog some love. We've had our hands quite full these days. If you've been following along, you noticed we recently made a major move from Virginia to Georgia, and are putting down some southern roots in Atlanta. We got a Georgian winter wonderland for my 30th birthday in early December, which made up for my champagne-less milestone celebration. P.S. a birthday redo will be happening this year.

And in biggest news, we welcomed our sweet new baby, Wynne Lenor. She debuted on January 13th at 1:53 am (after another 41 week pregnancy!), weighing in at 8 pounds - the exact birth weight as Faire - and 21 inches. Wynne came very fast into the world and was born in the water. Our first water birth experience was nothing short of magical.

The real reason for the quietness around here was my intent to really slow down during the holiday season and soak up the last few weeks of pregnancy enjoying my solo time with Faire, all while making our new house a home. We sold about 75 percent of our furniture before we moved, which made for a lengthy, extremely patient process of filling & decorating our new space. Needless to say, this little corner of the web took a third row seat.

But 2018 is looking bright. New year, new city, new baby. I look forward to sharing more here soon, including this new #momoftwo transition, upcoming travels, as well as bits & pieces of our home (which I have been requested by so many of you to do!). And for my lettering business, I will still be taking jobs on a case-by-case basis, at least until I get into a rhythm of our new even busier, more exhausted, but oh so happy life.

As always, thanks for reading along.

I'll just leave these few photos here... this sisterly love is even better than I could have ever imagined.