Whewww... 17 weeks came with the quickness and my handy Ovia app conveniently reminded me of the French pastry our baby is the size of currently: a creme brûlée, which of course I've been craving ever since Sunday morning. It seems to be a common theme for most of my friends, where the first trimester moves at a snails pace when only a select few people know your secret and you're feeling pretty rough. Then, before you know it you're (hopefully) feeling better and you're flying at high speed towards your 20-week halfway point. So that's where we're at.

I thought it would be fun to do a little update on my pregnancy at this point and share how I'm feeling, cravings, & things I've bought for little one & I.


Overall, I'm feeling pretty great. I had rough nausea starting at 8 weeks and finally at 11 weeks started on nausea medication (Diclegis) to help alleviate the symptoms. So that's been a lifesaver. The fatigue has let up a little bit and I've been able to get most of my energy back. During the week, I still hit that 3 o'clock sleepy stage, and will usually try to sneak in a few zzz's while Faire is napping. The bump is looking and feeling bigger and bigger by the day, but I'm totally embracing it!

Also, this tiny sweet pea has been kicking up a storm. Funny how I didn't start feeling the kicks until we were 30,000 ft in the air on our way to Nashville. Feeling all the flutters and kicks for the first time this pregnancy brings back so many emotions of when Faire was in my belly. 



After flying back from Nashville, surprisingly the slight time zone difference has screwed me all up. I've been a night owl lately not heading to bed until almost midnight, and I'm up every morning at 7am. As far as sleep, the nausea medication has a sleeping agent, so thankfully that helps to keep me asleep for most of the night. My bump nest pillow is still packed away under our bed - and my husband isn't complaining about it, for now.


All the p's. Pizza, pasta, and pickles. And some c's. Cereal, la CROIX, and cherries.


I've been living in all things by the Storq maternity label, a beautiful, minimal line for the pregnant and postpartum mama. Luxuriously soft pieces that were designed to outfit the expecting mom for all months of pregnancy and made to last through the nursing and early parenthood stages. I was sent a few products to try out and every single piece is a dream. The quality, fit, style, all of it is perfection. I basically have a little capsule wardrobe built from four pieces and look forward to incorporating them with my favorite Fall essentials in just a few months. I'm already eyeing you up denim jackets & sneakers!

The dress I'm wearing is the basic dress, which offers so many different styling options. I sized up a little to ensure it wouldn't be toooo snug by the third trimester, but even then the snug should hug the bump perfectly. It's the right amount of not-too-loose-not-too-tight, allowing me enough room to comfortably chase around a toddler all day.

I'm thrilled to offer my readers 15% off your next order at with the code 'fromamanda'!

Other than dresses (because I'm limited on options in this 80-something degree heat), I've been wearing a few pairs of drawstring elastic waistband shorts, and of course, my go-to leggings. Given the season, all of my pre-pregnancy denim has been stored away in the closet until 2018. Not even trying to attempt squeezing into those. No hair tie, no thank you.


For baby: I've only purchased ONE thing so far for the new baby. Literally, one single thing... who am I? This is it, an adorable bunny bonnet we scooped up while in Nashville.

For me: These sneakers (still on sale at Nordstrom til 8/6!) because my old ones no longer fit - anyone else's feet get bigger during pregnancy?! Also, another tin of this organic shea butter for the belly. I just ran out of the first tin I bought while I was pregnant with Faire. I swear by this stuff and it's heavenly during the dry, winter months.


Anxiously awaiting our 20 week ultrasound in three weeks. Hard to believe I will be at my halfway point so soon.

Still need to purchase Madewell maternity denim - these and these have been on my list - they always seem to sell out fast, so hoping I can snag a pair or two before the weather cools.

Oh, and we ended our little vacation in Nashville with a sweet, spontaneous gender ultrasound. I'll be sharing soon if this little babe is a boy or girl! 


This post was shared in partnership with Storq. All content and opinions are my own.



When I make any sort of room update in our home, my first step is usually changing where we step foot, literally - the rug. We have gone through a few rugs in the nursery (also considered our playroom) since Faire was born, starting with this and then this natural rug from IKEA, both of which I loved but weren't the most ideal for playtime where you want the upmost softness and comfort for your babies to roll around.

Earlier this year, I discovered Lorena Canals, a brand that hand makes rugs specifically designed to be machine washable. Talk about a total game changer for your messy kids. Each rug is eco-friendly and non-toxic, and handmade by artisans using 100% natural cotton and natural dyes with non-toxic chemicals. So you know your children are not only playing on an incredibly soft surface, but one that is also extremely safe and friendly to the environment.

We've had our Bereber rug for a few months now and are very pleased with the quality, tough durability, and super soft texture. Their rugs come in many styles and sizes, but this version is the perfect size for our space. And if we're being honest, I am surprised it lasted around three months before it even showed enough signs of dirt to finally throw it in the washing machine - that is a lot to be said for a rug that has a toddler trampling over it daily! Given its beige, natural color, it hides the everyday dirt much better than a bright white would. Perfect for those who want a light, neutral aesthetic for any room in your home.

Go check out Lorena Canals here and give them a follow on Instagram. Their brand now offers machine washable cushions, baskets, and blankets all under the same eco-friendly and artisanal guidelines as their rugs. A few other styles I am loving are this tribal version, the Bereber in black, and the Leaf basket in natural.

Photography by Peyton Curry

This post was shared in partnership with Lorena Canals. All content and opinions are my own.



We are beyond thrilled to announce this little family is growing, with our newest addition expected to arrive early January 2018. Our sweet babe has been prayed for, and is already so, so loved. After an unfortunate miscarriage earlier this year - my first one, which was a total shock and left us completely heartbroken - we are extremely overjoyed to continue this journey with another happy & healthy blessing to love.

Turns out the second go round in pregnancy does not go nearly as smooth as the first. The morning sickness and fatigue are no joke while juggling freelance work & entertaining a very busy and very dependent almost-two-year-old. And indeed, the bump shows its face way sooner than the first time which has made this little secret of ours harder and harder to keep each week. I'm thankful time is moving slow, allowing me to soak up every single minute of growing this baby and giving Faire all the attention before life with a newborn starts over again.

So many thoughts are flooding our minds these days. All the 'whats' and 'ifs,' but surprisingly, I don't have any ounce of nerve bringing another baby into the world. Just a whole lot of anxiousness & excitement! Other than the gender predictions (I would be excited for either, seriously!) we are so anxious to see Faire in 'big sis' mode. She's already become a little mama taking care of her play babies, so I can only hope she will continue the same enthusiasm come January. Fingers tightly crossed for a fully-potty-trained, big-girl-bed-sleeping, enthusiastic big sis! :)

A huge thanks to our sweet friend Kaytee Lauren, for capturing yet another milestone in our ever-changing seasons. Stay tuned for more posts to come on all the maternity things. Thanks for following us on this journey!


On Me: Jumper: Free People; Clogs: Lotta From Stockholm

On Faire: Dress: Gap; Sandals: Salt Water Sandals