If you're anything like me, you probably didn't think twice when getting a crib mattress while expecting your first baby. You fall into the trap of what-things-do-I-need-as-a-first-time-parent and hit the Add To Registry button, which more excitingly included a Sophie the Giraffe and not a specific crib mattress. You have vivid images of your new baby sleeping like a dream and the thought of any sort of "sleep issue" never crossed your pregnant mind.

As you have probably read here before, Faire hasn't always been the best sleeper, and we've had to really think outside of the box to find different rhythms and remedies to get a sound night sleep. That's when I started giving second thought into the type of mattress she slept on nightly. Enter the Newton Baby crib mattress, an entirely washable mattress that was innovatively designed to be breathable and regulate temperature. It's been about four months and I can honestly say it's been a game changer in the snooze department.

Faire seems to be sleeping at longer increments at night and not waking up nearly as much as before. Though, it could be just her getting older, but the timing doesn't seem too much of a coincidence. And even when she's not snoozing away or having a "team no nap" kind of day, she still enjoys having a little bit of quiet time in her crib to read books. The soft, pillowy surface makes for more enjoyable quiet time, for both mom & toddler.

I commend the Newton brand for emerging themselves in the baby market by being completely transparent with their consumers. The product, now made in the USA, was designed to literally be seen and felt from every angle. Most mattresses on the market aren't made to see the inside, so you're unaware of what your baby really sleeps on or what hazards they could potentially be breathing in every night. The mattress cover unzips allowing for full exposure of the mattress core itself - which is composed of just air and 10% food-grade polymer. It's pretty amazing once you lay eyes and hands on it for the first time. (Read more about the mattress design here.)

Overall, the mattress is extremely quiet and the soft cover was designed to work sans crib sheet - because it's that soft! I still like to use a crib sheet for added comfort, but you can also purchase additional crib covers to have on hand in the event of an accident in the middle of the night - which again, the mattress is completely washable and can even be sprayed down in the shower to wash away any bacteria.

The photo below shows the patented Wovenaire material that creates a breathable atmosphere for your child. So bye-bye toxic chemicals and allergens!

Faire still has a few more months left in the crib & then it's on to a big girl toddler bed this Fall. With all the BIG changes taking place in our home in the very near future, it will be great to have her consistent cozy place where she loves to sleep transitioning with her to her new bed.

Read more about the Newton Baby mattress here and take $30 off your purchase with code 'AmandaK30'.

This post was shared in partnership with Newton Baby. All content and opinions are my own.