So it's been a while since I showed this blog some love. We've had our hands quite full these days. If you've been following along, you noticed we recently made a major move from Virginia to Georgia, and are putting down some southern roots in Atlanta. We got a Georgian winter wonderland for my 30th birthday in early December, which made up for my champagne-less milestone celebration. P.S. a birthday redo will be happening this year.

And in biggest news, we welcomed our sweet new baby, Wynne Lenor. She debuted on January 13th at 1:53 am (after another 41 week pregnancy!), weighing in at 8 pounds - the exact birth weight as Faire - and 21 inches. Wynne came very fast into the world and was born in the water. Our first water birth experience was nothing short of magical.

The real reason for the quietness around here was my intent to really slow down during the holiday season and soak up the last few weeks of pregnancy enjoying my solo time with Faire, all while making our new house a home. We sold about 75 percent of our furniture before we moved, which made for a lengthy, extremely patient process of filling & decorating our new space. Needless to say, this little corner of the web took a third row seat.

But 2018 is looking bright. New year, new city, new baby. I look forward to sharing more here soon, including this new #momoftwo transition, upcoming travels, as well as bits & pieces of our home (which I have been requested by so many of you to do!). And for my lettering business, I will still be taking jobs on a case-by-case basis, at least until I get into a rhythm of our new even busier, more exhausted, but oh so happy life.

As always, thanks for reading along.

I'll just leave these few photos here... this sisterly love is even better than I could have ever imagined.