Earlier this month, we invited my friend Peyton into our home to shoot a glimpse of our life these days with now 20-month-old, Faire. I know I always say it, but it really is hard to grasp how quickly time is flying. The 12-18 month stage was one of my favorite stages - watching her learn to toddle and talk, and a blossoming personality shining through - and now we're getting so close to two years. Faire is now running at full speed, putting together a few syllables here and there, and doing a whole lot of mimicking. And she is funny, making us laugh (most of the time) which is hopefully keeping us younger. Some days are certainly harder than others, but mostly I find myself just staring at her, taking in every move she makes, just in complete awe of this beautiful girl who is growing right before my eyes.

(I've been living in this striped maxi dress from J. Crew since I purchased it last month. Other striped styles I have been loving lately can be found here, here, and here. Faire's outfit is by Kid and Kind.)

Our teepee was Faire's first birthday gift and it's been a huge hit in this stage of toddlerhood. It houses her musical instruments, play scarfs, and a few stuffed animals. I love the simple design that allows it to sit right in the middle of our living room without being such an eye sore. Also, I recently discovered Gathre's highchair mat fits perfectly inside! I'm loving their new designs from the Rylee & Cru collaboration.

Last Fall, we painted a portion of our dining room with chalkboard paint for our tiny artist. Since our walls on the bottom of the chair rail were already a darker shade of charcoal, the chalkboard paint blended right in. 

We keep Faire's wooden table and chair set in the dining room, which brings the most natural light when she sits and does her coloring. We love the paper roll and holder from IKEA.