Ikea Duktig Hack

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that we gifted Faire a play kitchen for Christmas. We were pretty set on getting her the IKEA Duktig from the beginning, given its minimal design, slim size, and price tag. We also wanted something simple that could easily fit in with the rest of our home decor since her kitchen sits in our open dining area.

In typical IKEA fashion, the whole assembling process does seem a bit daunting. Thankfully, hubs and I tag teamed on it (three days before Christmas #neveragain). I've received a ton of questions on our kitchen, so I thought I would share some helpful hacking tips and sources to find play kitchen accessories.

IKEA Duktig Hack


  • Assemble the two main pieces (top and bottom) separately, without doors attached, before painting.
  • Prime everything, including fixtures.
  • I recommend spray painting over painting by hand.
  • Paint doors before attaching.
  • Keep the fixtures in an upright position for painting by placing them in play dough or clay to hold.
  • Leave the clear plastic protector on stovetop before painting the rim.
  • Only cut holes in the contact paper once it's been affixed to the countertop.
  • Use a credit card to even out contact paper and prevent bubbling.



My favorite sources for play food: IKEA's fruit and veggie baskets, these wooden fridge and pantry foods, this food cutting set, and eco-friendly felt foods found on Etsy here and here.

It's worth noting the Duktig kitchen does not include a fridge (only a microwave, oven and pantry) but there are many ways to get creative. I've seen people purchase a stand alone cabinet to use as a fridge, and hack it to match the kitchen.


With Faire still being young, we didn't go too overboard on the accessories, as we know she'll be adding to this kitchen over the next few years. These pots and pans and matching utensils are a total bargain (the utensils hang perfectly on the hooks that are included with the kitchen). I also snagged this wooden egg set and coffee maker on sale during the holidays, and couldn't be more in love with their simple design.

Where are your favorite places to shop for play kitchen accessories?