Wee Gallery Nursery

A whole year and a half with our darling Faire James. Is it me, or does it feel like the 12-18 month time period flew by quicker than any other stage?! It's hard to catch your breath these days chasing a toddler around - because we now have a runner on our hands - and just learning to balance it all (motherhood, marriage, small business). Because it's all challenging, with that never ending to-do list, but I wouldn't trade a single second of it.

This morning was her 18-month checkup and she is currently weighing in at 25 pounds and measuring 33 inches long - tall baby genes c/o hubs. A mouth full of 16 teeth, with her two year molars peeping through. She's officially down to one nap a day and sleeps from 7-7 nightly (of course, on really good days). Auburn hair and hazel eyes, and still Adam's identical twin. So active and so full of life!

What Faire is loving lately:

Swimming // We enrolled her in her first swimming lessons for the month of January with 4 week sessions at our gym. And the heated indoor pool is just heavenly. Though Faire has always been fearless of the water, we went in without any expectations. She took some getting used to the deep water (picture kung fu grips on mama) but warmed up after only a week. She now uses bath time at home to practice all her "kick, kick, kicks!" To say we're very much looking forward to our annual family vacay in Duck this June would be an understatement.

I highly recommend swimming lessons for your littles if you have the opportunity. In my opinion, it's never too early and we probably would have liked to start Faire sooner than we did. But it is the perfect time of year for beginner's lessons, allowing a few more months of cooler weather before pool season. Check your local gyms or YMCA (with indoor heated pools) for info on infant/toddler lessons.

Pretend Play // It is so fun watching toddlers at the pretend play stage. We have only had the play kitchen since Christmas, but it is by far the most played with toy in the whole house. She loves her play coffee maker (similar to our Keurig) and she mimics mama by 'fixing' her morning cup of joe.

See my IKEA play kitchen hack and other favorite kitchen accessories here!

Dressing Herself // It's better than undressing at this point, right?! She loves going through her wardrobe drawers, especially her 'summer' drawer full of bathing suits and attempts to dress herself in them. And if there's a pair of sunglasses or a hat in sight, it won't take long til she's wearing both.

Arts and Crafts // We have a little table and chairs set in our dining room where Faire does her daily artwork (which is more like scribbles with crayon all over the wood, not so much the paper). Her teachers at school rave about art time being her favorite and our fridge is already filled with masterpieces. Yesterday, she came home with a homemade valentine - talk about turning this mama heart to mush. Our chalkboard wall has also been getting a ton of use, as she loves that it's easy for her draw on at eye level.

Reading // Still an avid book worm over here. Especially books with the life-the-flap pages like this and this.

I recently partnered with Lillypost box, a specially curated book subscription for littles, where each book is hand-wrapped and a book is donated to a child in need with each purchase. Take 10% off your first subscription purchase of a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription with the code 'AMANDAKROVIC.'


Faire's Outfit: H&M; Moccasins: Freshly Picked; Storage Bins: Pehr Designs; Growth Chart: Wee Gallery; Wood Bird Puzzle: Petit Collage; Alphabet Blocks: Uncle Goose; Crib Bedding: Petite Pehr; Bunny Lovie: Bitte; Rug: IKEA