This past Sunday marked Faire's 15 months of life, and I can hardly believe it. With the holidays approaching, I keep flashing back to last year at this time - preparing for her first Thanksgiving, and her first Christmas - both of which were nothing short of amazing, quiet, and oh so calm. But, I know this year will be the total best having an active, semi-engaged, walking, talking toddler around to enjoy in all the festivities.

I thought I would share some of Faire's favorites things and what's been catching her eye (and hands and mouth!) as of late. And stay tuned for more of Faire's Five Faves: a new series I'll be in incorporating into the mix.

best toddler books

1. Books. We've got a serious book worm on our hands and her recent faves include: Little Owl Lost, Big Bear Little Chair, Love is a Tutu (love the texture of this one), Panda Bear Panda Bear, and Counting With Frida. Have y'all heard of monthly kid's book subscriptions like Lillypost and The Story Box? They're on our list to try.

2. Musical Instruments. Little Cottonwood is our go-to online shop for beautiful wooden instruments, perfect for busy toddler hands to play. We love their xylophone, drum, and maracas.

little cottonwood

3. Anything "Farm" Themed. This play farm and puzzle get so much use on a daily basis. And she loves these rattle blocks - each with different textures and sounds - and this nesting set of stacking blocks. Also, the book Sleep Tight Farm is becoming a new seasonal favorite (note: it is very long, but good for an early night when you have the extra time).

4. Bags. Yes, I have created a little bag lady. Genetics. This unicorn purse is her new obsession, along with her toy camera (which many of you seen on Instagram here and here).

5. Push and Ride-on Toys. This natural wood walker is still a favorite around here, which she loves pushing her dolls and animals in around the house. And of course, the wheely bug gets a win in her book.

baby push walker