We celebrated the first day of Fall with none other than an obligatory apple-picking-with-your-bonneted-baby at Carter Mountain Orchard in Charlottesville. Of course, the weather was still very much summer-ish, but we put on our best plaid attire and chowed down on apple doughnuts and chilled cider.

Though Faire is fully walking these days, we were so glad to have brought the jogging stroller for pushing Faire through the rough terrain and sticky apples, and the extra storage was a bonus (more apples!).

We made a pit stop at Ivy Provisions for a quick bite to eat. We each got one of their most popular sandwiches - the K.I.S.S. Caprese and the Gobfather. So dang delicious, and love the farm to table, rustic atmosphere. Followed up with pistachio cupcakes at Sweethaus - a must visit if you are in the area for a sweet treat and to admire the beautifully tiled floors.

Final stop, Pippin Hill for a little Blanc de Blanc happy hour.

Y'all, this place is a total dream...and baby-friendly! The farm sits up on a mountain with the most surreal view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I hadn't been back to Pippin Hill since my bachelorette party a few years back, but I'm kicking myself for waiting so long to visit. Especially since Richmond is just under an hour to Charlottesville. With it being a late afternoon during mid-week, we lucked out with barely any crowd - leaving two rocking chairs for mom and dad, and a freshly-manicured wide-open lawn for the toddling lady.


On Faire: Hanna Andersson; Moccs: Freshly Picked; Bonnet: Briar Handmade; Backpack: PacaPod