Photography by  Kaytee Lauren ; Dress:  Free People

Photography by Kaytee Lauren; Dress: Free People

It feels like ages ago that I was carrying our sweet love in my belly. Being pregnant while living, working, and commuting in New York City is no.freaking.joke. Hats off to the women who do it so naturally. Picture 37 weeks pregnant, 85 degrees in July, and rush hour on the subway. Fake it til you make it though, right?

I'd say that overall my pregnancy was great, minus the morning sickness that hit at 10 weeks and decided to stick around until almost the third trimester. Working full-time and commuting an hour back and forth from Brooklyn to Manhattan daily was exhausting, but looking back I am so thankful for the mileage of walking I was getting in that helped to keep the pregnancy weight down.

Below are the top nine essentials that helped my sanity during my 41 weeks of pregnancy. (Not pictured are the stereotypical foods I indulged in on the reg: McClure's pickles, Talenti vanilla bean gelato, and the most AMAZING whoopie pies from our neighborhood bakery, One Girl Cookies.)

Maternity Essentials

Bump Nest. This therapeutic body pillow was designed specifically with the pregnant mama in mind. I'm going to be honest, it was a little funky getting used to, but I found this pillow to be absolutely crucial during those long, sleepless nights in the final weeks of pregnancy. When sleeping on your side is the only option, comfort is key and this pillow provides the perfect cloud to wrap your legs around, helping with any leg cramps or lower back pain. The Bump Nest is entirely washable and comes in a bunch of beautiful patterns.

Bellaband. I am a huge denim fan, so when I became pregnant I tried to milk my pre-pregnancy jeans as long as humanly possible. Thanks to this band by Ingrid & Isabel, I was able to wear all of my favorite jeans up until the third trimester. When it came to biting the inevitable bullet on purchasing maternity jeans, I found these and these to be my go-tos.

Reusable Water Bottle. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. One of the most important things to do on a regular basis, but most especially when expecting. I was the worst with remembering to drink the recommended 12 glasses of water daily, so I made sure to buy the cutest bottle on the market to help me not forget. These glass bottles by BKR come in a huge variety of colors and sizes, and aren't an eye sore to carry around with you or to sit on your desk. I also love these eco-friendly bottles by S'well. (Liquid stays cold in these bottles for 24 hours!)

Lip Balm. My lips tend to get pretty dry, even during summer, so I am constantly using some sort of balm. I am absolutely smitten with Glossier's balm dotcom (honestly, I am freaking obsessed with their entire line, but I'll save that for another day). Another favorite is the tried-and-true Rosebud Salve.

Sneakers. I have been living in my Nike Roshes for as long as I know. Super comfy without sacrificing style. They can be worn with maternity leggings or any type of denim. I've even paired them with a casual maternity maxi dress and leather jacket for a dressier look. All black is my typical choice, but I am loving this Flyknit version in grey.

Baby Book. I have fallen in love with these new modern baby books. I have one by Mushy Books and I also love this one I recently discovered by Promptly Journals. Both books include pages for pregnancy, such as how you found out you were expecting, to reactions and how you told loved ones. When nesting mode really hits hard after 30 weeks, it's the perfect time to begin filling in those pregnancy pages before the baby gets here.

Shea Butter. I came across L'Occitane's organic pure shea butter and heard its nourishing consistency would help prevent stretch marks. I began using this stuff since I found out I was expecting and continued using it until post-delivery. This stuff is amazing. I use in combination with this almond shower oil and the Burt's Bee's belly butter.

Fitbit. With all the walking a preggo mama should be doing, keeping track of your steps is way more fun with a Fitbit. I have this version, but am loving the new Alta style.

Reading Material. Pamela Druckerman's book on the marvelous ways of French parenting, Bringing Up Bébé, was one of my favorite reads during pregnancy. Having been to France and seen first hand how parents interact, nurture, and communicate with their children out in public, I was immediately intrigued and knew I had to get my hands on this book and hopefully pick up a few pointers. She now has a follow-up book titled Bébé Day By Day which expands on her first one. I also loved this book too - swaddling was a complete life saver for us in those early months!