This Mother's Day was so special as I celebrated my second year since becoming a mom to Faire. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day; morning brunch spent with my little family & mama, followed by strawberry picking at a local farm.

Sure, we know motherhood isn't always happy babies in bonnets. But the times that it is make the hard moments that much easier to manage. Motherhood has been the perfect blend of challenge and reward, and of all the hats I wear, playing "mama" is by far my most favorite. I'm so honored and humbled to get to raise this sweet girl.

For my local moms, the berry patch at Gallmeyer Farms is a really great spot convenient to the city. Since this was Faire's first time picking berries, I was thrilled that we didn't have to drive farther than 15 or so miles to get there (because, you never know with toddlers). Faire thoroughly enjoyed herself running up and down the fields and placing berries in, and out, of the basket.