natural teething

We're just about out of the teething trenches for now (hooray!) with only second year molars on the horizon. Faire was an extremely early teether, which made for some pretty rough nights starting around 3-4 months. On the bright side, it didn't take very long for her teeth to cut through so the swollen gums and irritability didn't seem to last very long.

It was important for me to really try and push natural remedies before resorting to the bottle of acetaminophen - which of course still came in handy for those sleepless nights. But with so many amazing products on the market, Tylenol was used few and far between.

Here are a few natural essentials that helped us survive what feels like the never-ending stages of teething:

Natural Teething Essentials

1. Sophie the Giraffe. A must-purchase infant staple that stimulates all of baby's senses. I have yet to meet a baby who doesn't love their Sophie.

2. Babyganics Teething Pods. An all-natural, plant-based gel for relieving gum pain. A great option when you're on the go.

3. BALM! Baby Teething Tincture. This stuff was highly recommended to me by a local organic children's shop and we're already on our third bottle. Made from all natural ingredients and gentle herbs, it helps to alleviate retention caused by teething. We get the sweet glycerin flavor - great for sensitive tummies.

4. Oli&Carol Natural Rubber Toys. These toys are so fun and kitschy, and the best part is they double as both teethers and bath/sensory toys. They're made from 100% natural tree rubber, each is hand painted from food graded dyes, and they are mold free hence no holes in their designs!

5. Comotomo Teether. We love the brand Comotomo (all the praise hands for their bottles!) and their teething ring is definitely a favorite in our house. It's super pliable and perfect for tiny baby hands to grab and hold.

6. Bannor Toys Rattle. One of the best brands for 100% organic wooden toys and all hand-crafted in the USA. We are huge fans of their rattles, which can be customized with baby's name and bead colors. Another favorite brand for modern wooden toys is Little Sapling Toys - how cute are these tooth and popsicle teethers?!

7. Chewbeads Stroller Toy. The Chewbeads brand is one of the best on the market in terms of baby-friendly silicone jewelry and teethers. We love this stroller and car seat attachment - fun for All The Chewing on the go.

8. Punkin Butt Teething Oil. A blend of essential oils (chamomile, clove, and peppermint), great for rubbing on baby's swollen gums. We used this in conjunction with the BALM! Baby tincture before putting Faire to bed at night.

9. Puj Washcloths. My favorite brand with the softest washcloths and towels on the market. Perfect for wetting and storing in the freezer for a quick relief for baby's gums.