Photo by  Morgan Blake

Photo by Morgan Blake


hi, i'm amanda//

My two proudest roles are wife to my husband Adam, and mother to my daughters Faire and Wynne. Our nomadic lifestyle has drifted us from the coast in Virginia Beach to Nashville, up to New York City and back down to Richmond  - and if I haven't lost you just yet, we're now currently nesting in Atlanta, Georgia. You can find us hopping around our local coffee spots, shopping for "just one more" house plant, and escaping to the sea any chance we can.

Since 2013, I have been a lettering artist & calligrapher providing custom design work for weddings, events, & small brands. My passion lies in a handwriting style that is minimal and perfectly imperfect. In the fall of 2016, I put my longtime dream to paper, and launched a paper goods line of one-of-a-kind art prints & greeting cards.

Aside from my design work, I started this blog as a creative space to share my love for design, life as a new-ish mom, and the daily musings that fill our home. I hope you find this little corner of the web as a source of inspiration for all things modern in motherhood, home & design, minimal style & beauty, kid-friendly traveling & the occasional recipe when I'm feeling adventurous in the kitchen.

Thanks for following along! I'm so happy you're here!